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Orchid's Outpost

Killer Instinct HQ is now Orchid's Outpost: Orchid's Outpost

Goddess of Fiction has a Facebook for updates on anything related to the site. KI, Star Fox, MK, and BloodRayne. Right now it's just been a lot of KI updates: Goddesss of Fiction - Facebook Updates

Fucking Asstrolls

If you haven't heard already, there's a bill (or more) for Congress to sign that allows the fucktards to con"troll" the internet.

How's that plan working out so for, asstards?

Banning Pajamas


"Williams said after seeing a group of young men at a local Walmart wearing pajama pants that revealed one young man’s private parts, he decided to push for an ordinance that would prohibit wearing pajama pants in public."

Yeah, I know! I mean, there should be a law for indecent exposure - oh wait.

What an asstard.

Personally I don't wear my pajamas in public because it takes me less than a couple of minutes to throw on nice clean clothes; however, if people want to look like slobs (in most cases when people wear their pajamas, but not all) then that's their right.

More Websites...

I looked through my old entries to make sure I didn't already posted a link to Zoness City, and I haven't. I just got Killer Instinct HQ uploaded to my domain a few days ago.

Zoness City - Star Fox site that was once known as Corneria HQ. It still has the same layout menu as before though. I finally got the last few pages online a few days ago, plus I added a Star Fox 64 3DS page.

Killer Instinct HQ - Back online again. I know it hasn't been offline for that long - 50webs took it down a few months ago due to me not updating it. It didn't matter though because I was moving KI-HQ to my domain anyways.

For a week now I've been in a banner making mood, so I have been making a ton of banners for both forums: Zoness City & Brain Dead Circle.

Zoness City BannersCollapse )

I'll post the the Brain Dead banners in another entry.

Japan Tsunami + Earthquake

About four or five hours ago, Japan got hit by a 8.9 earthquake, follow by a Tsunami. Hawaii is expected to get hit by it. Warnings have been issued for the Philippines and Indonesia. One news site mentioned the southern coast of California may be at risk as well.

Recent video clip in Hawaii

CNN reports there's been 300 bodies found in the city of Sendai.

Redefine Rape


~*Gives the dumbasses who made this bill the finger.*~ Redefine that, asstards!

You know what's funny? They would be singing a different tune if it was their wife, daughter, mother, and sister that was date raped, drunk, or drugged.

Two Video Projects

I finished two videos that I've been working on for awhile.

Left 4 Dead one where everyone (SI, AI, and even me) had a big bowl of Special Ed that day...or it just random moments I thought that was funny.

And my fan video of Prince of Persia the movie (NOTE: Video does contains Spoilers):

What happens when...

...you have too much free time? You buy a domain name and work on twenty billion sites. :}
A few months ago I got my old domain back and now it's up and running, so is the MK and BloodRayne site...actually they've been up, but I had to work on some things before I was ready to post them on here.

Bloodstone Society
Queen of Outworld

I will not be burning any books on 9/11, thankyouverymuch. I'll be like these guys and read a book instead...if I read much. I really need to get back into reading books.

New Forum Banner

It's been ages since I worked on any banners, and it's been a year (I guess) since I worked on the forums. I just haven't had any motivation. The forums have always had "Hardy any signs of life" to them, but that really didn't bother me. It was just mainly for me to mess with and learn new stuff. for some reason I'm thinking about bringing the CHQ forums back (it's actually still up, but no one can post there). I don't know why, I know it's dead and bloated, but I guess a part of me doesn't want to let it go, and I've been missing it. I'm a strange girl, I know. Ah well, no harm about having it opened to the public again. I know it'll still be dead, but I can still play with it.

I seriously need to work on my Star Fox site again. I still love the series, but there's been no updates on it (Command sucked horribly), and I've been playing a lot of other games that I took an interest to.

Anyways, a new Brain Dead Circle banner (OMG after ten gazillion years!!111one!1)